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Revision with unchanged content. This study has its rational basis in the proliferation of technology throughout every aspect of the contemporary world. Specifically, the purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions, attitudes and knowledge of preservice teachers as they pertain to technology in social studies education. This investigation examines whether preservice teachers want to use com­puter technology in social studies, their motivations and how they plan to employ computer technology in social studies instruction. In addition, the factors that influence social studies preservice teachers’ use of computer technology will be explored and described. The value of this study lies in three areas: 1) Growing interest technology’s use in classrooms and limited research illustrate the importance of examining integration of information technology as teaching and learning tools on the attitudes and practices of preservice teachers. 2) Adding to the body of knowledge in preservice teacher education and information technology integration is important for methods courses. 3) And, the prescriptive findings of this research provide an effective model for integrating information technology in social studies teacher education. The book is addressed to researchers in education, teachers and preservice teachers, especially in social studies.

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