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inkjet printer main board for hp 5608 hp5608 formatter board mainboard купить по лучшей цене

Color Others Brand Funduino Model F3D Quantity 1 Piece Material FR4 English Manual / Spec Yes Download Link Arduino IDE used as a tool in the transmission of the firmware to the main control board download link; Frameware download link: PC software: printrun: Other Features Arduino Mega2560 main control board (the suite contains) : it is the brain of a 3 d printer is responsible for the control of the printer to complete a specific action such as printing specific files etc.; RAMPS1.4 (the suite contains) : this is the main control board development board it is in order to better connect with other hardware and control have the effect of the bridge.A4988 stepper motor driver board (the suite includes:this is used to connect a stepper motor so as to realize the control of main control threatening the stepper motor realization of XYZ and extruder action; Not contain circuit connection part of the essential components are: 4 ~ 5 a stepper motor (this is the power of 3 d printer parts controlled by A4988 driver board motor is connected to the RAMPS1.4 board); The heating head; Hot bed; The 12 v power supply; Other optional accessories for 12 v fan and at least three limit switches Packing List 1 x 3D 1.4 control board 5 x A4988 drive voard 1 x 2650 r3 development board 1 x USB cable (52cm)
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