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Top Easy Pick Up There is a opening bag on the top of the the bag, which is designed for easy picking up the inner staff with more convenience. Unique Back Opening Design Convenient to pick up your devices, improved the mobility and security level, making your devices safer than ever. Hidden Tripod Storage Bag The storage bag for the tripod is hidden at the bottom of the side pocket. Simple but elegant, making it easier to storage and pick up the tripod. High Flexible Side Bags The side net bags is flexible and stretchable. You can put your personal belongs into them for a better storage. Comfortable Carrying System The shoulder belts are specially thicken and widen to balance the weight of the equipment. The thicken foam sponge and air flow channel and reduce much of the tiredness and heat on your back. Water Proof Rain Shield One more thing, there is a water proof rain shield come with the bag. The water resistant material can keep the raindrop and other liquid away from the inner space, guaranteeing the safety of your devices. Specification Brand Winer Material 900D wearable fabrics waterproof canvas Model Rover 65 Product Size 260 x 430 x 200mm Capacity 1 x DSLR+2 x Lens+1 x Tablet or 13" Ultrabook

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