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Description : IC SMD Vacuum Sucking Pen Easy Pick Picker Up Hand Tool Features : The Vacuum Sucking Pen is a low-cost alternative to tweezers for the pickup and placement of delicate SMD component It is a soft ESD-sate conductive silicone suction cups which wont scratch or damage sensitive parts Including 3 size of suction headers small size for 3g medium size for 18g and large size for 40g ) Item condition : Brand New & High Quality Weight : 20g Diameter : 15.6cm Direction : Install a proper IC suction header on 939 suction pencil. Place the suction header level on IC. Press down the button on the suction pencil to let out the air within the vacuum unit, then release the button to produce vacuum suction force to pick up IC. Put the IC on a proper place, press down the button, the vacuum unit discharges air to let the IC fall off the suction header 3 suction headers are provided with this suction pencil, large size, medium size and small size respectively for : (1) Large size for 40g (2) Medium size for 18g (3) Small size for 3g Packaging Includes : 1 x Vacuum sucking pen Details pictures :

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