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huawei e5377 4g lte cat5 mobile wifi router white купить по лучшей цене

The downloading speed of BIGPOND mobile 4G Wi-Fi router is up to 150Mbps it increases about 10 times compared with the 3G router and 50% compared with the similar 4G router. An 1GB HD film it only takes no more than 1 minute to finish downloading through this BIGPOND mobile 4G WiFi router it also optimizes its high bandwidth low time delay and high connection rate (can decrease the dropping rate of data and voice communication) this can ensure that users can enjoy the ultra-speed surfing anytime and anywhere. BIGPOND WiFi mobile 4G router not also owns strong technical advantages but also delicate high-quality texture on its appearance ii adopts horizontal screen design the body of sleek lines elegant and simple. Light and portable it is a rather small mobile WiFi hot-spot product at current. In order to better meet users’ daily surfing needs it supports 10 WiFi terminals connecting to the Internet at the same time such as cell phone Pad notebook PSP games console and other portable electronic products and can access to TD-LTE network through Huawei E5375 convenient for users to enjoy the Internet anytime and anywhere.
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