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The latest technologies have revolutionized manufacturing products, services, and marketing strategies. The knowledge to use these technologies is possessed by the people who are known as professionals, specialists and technicians. Organizations improve productivity and quality of their products with the help of these human resources. Each of these resources have distinct role to play that cannot be substituted by any other. It is the human resource, equipped with knowledge and is in-charge of machines and materials, which can perform the magic of converting materials into quality products, services, information and new markets. Relatively little research has been conducted on Human Resource Management in the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in District Peshawar. This work investigates the same. The study indicates that the SMEs in District Peshawar are less likely to adopt Human Resource Management practices. More than hundred SMEs at different locations of District Peshawar, including Small Industrial Estates HayatAbad, Small Industrial Estates Kohat Road, Charsadda Road and various other sites where these SMEs are located were visited. The researcher also suggested measures.
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