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hotsales 7mm 2in1 android usb endoscope camera 2m 5m smart android phone otg usb borescope snake tube inspection camera 6pc led купить по лучшей цене

Description: 6 LED 7mm Lens USB Android Endoscope Borescope Waterproof Tube Snake Camera for Android Phone and PC Features: 1. Support Android Phone with OTG and UVC function. 2. Work for many situations, like car repair, pipeline maintenance, precision instrument detect,rescue search, customs detection, to name just a few. 3. Can be used both on Android phone and computer ( A USB to Micro USB Female cable is included, you can use it to connect your computer) 4. 6 LEDs with adjustable brightness. 5. Waterproof, can work under water. Specification: Cable Length: 1M 1.5M 2M 3.5M 5M (for your option) Lens Diameter: 7mm Pixels: 0.3MP Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels Waterproof: IP67 How to use: Copy the Software APP install on your Android phone ,insert the endoscope on android phone, it will read automatically. Notes: 1. Make sure that your phone supports Android System and OTG function, and your phone camera is compatible with UVC. 2. A Micro USB to USB Female cable is a gift for you, so that you can use it on your computer, just like those common endoscopes. Suitable for below Android phone: Mobile Brand Support Nonsupport OPPO OPPO R Series Except OPPO R series Samsung Note Series (Note2 or above version) S5 above version S4 below version (Support S4 Part of new manufacture) Other models : 9500 / I9308 GALAXY A5 / SCH-P729 XiaoMi XiaoMi3 above XiaoMi3 below XiaoMiHongMi HongMi2 above HongMi2 below vivo maxL ZTE ZTE V5 Series ZTE 718 MEIZU MEIZU X4 or above Others(Made in China) HuaWei/ BBK / VIVO / Lenovo are nonsupport.Because the phone's supplier blocked peripheral camera function. Tips Please kindly check your cell phone supports function of OTG. Suitable for below computer system: Windows VIST XP W7 W8 W10 (NOTE: Not suitable for 64Bit.) Packing included: 1 x 6 LED 7mm Lens Android Endoscope 1 x Micro USB Female to USB Cable 1 x Small hook 1 x Magnet 1 x Side audition 1 x CD (Driver for PC AND APP for Android Phone English User Munual) 1 x User Guide Details pictures:
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