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hlton portable wireless bluetooth earphone handsfree mini headset stereo earbuds car fast charger with mic for smartphone pc купить по лучшей цене

Bluetooth 4.0 High-fidelity stereo music and clear audio up to 10 meters. HiFi Stereo Sound With Hi-Fi stereo sound, enjoy and control music within 10 meters effective distance. CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction Intelligent noise-isolation and CVC 6.0 smart noise reduction. technology, fully immersed in the fine-sounding music Wireless Earphone Wireless Bluetooth earphone, your best friend of driving, sports. Car Driving Earphone The earphone will turn off when to put it on intelligence base(use for the car), pick it up then power on, hands-free and protect your safe. Multi-point Connection Design Connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. CRS Chip Features advanced CRS chip, voice report (Chinese), free switch, built-in Mic. Durable Use Time High-quality rechargeable polymer battery, provides safe and stable power supply. Ultra long work and standby time. Bluetooth Power Display Bluetooth power display on iOS, more convenient to use Soft Earbuds Environment-friendly silicone earbuds to avoid skin allergy and protect hearing. Ergonomic Design Lightweight but compact, comfortable to wear. Specifications Name AWEI A831BL Bluetooth Earphone Model A831BL Bluetooth Version 4.0 Wearing Style In-ear Bluetooth Protocol A2DP, HFP, HSP Transmission Distance Up to 10m Frequency Response 2.402Hz-2.480GHz Impedance 16ohms ±15 Percent Noise Reduction CVC 6.0 Battery Type High-energy Polymer Headset Battery Capacity 55mAh (Rechargeable) Talking Time 7 Hours Music Time 7 Hours Standby Time 180 Hours Product Weight 7.1g Product Size 58.5 x 6.3 x 25cm Package Included 1 x AWEI A831BL Mini Bluetooth Earbud 1 x Silicone Earphone Cover
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