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The smart body weight scale is designed to improve overall health and wellness, it can accurately measure body weight, lean body mass, body fat percentage, BMI, BMR and etc. You can use your smartphone's Bluetooth and sync weigh-ins to the OKOK app for complete weight management and to help you more easily monitor your health and reach weight loss goals. High Accuracy Sensors Adopting 4 upgraded high-sensitivity weighing sensors, make weighing faster and more accurate. Body Data Monitor It can measure body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, visceral fat, primary metabolism, BMI, bone mass and more. USB Rechargeable It can be charged via a PC or power adapter, convenient to use. OKOK AppYse your smartphone's Bluetooth and sync weigh-ins to the OKOK app. Support iOS 6.0 / Android 4.3 or higher version. One App for Your FamilyThe App can record data from up to 8 users, meaning one scale can monitor your families’ health. Auto Power On & Off Automatically turn on when you step on the scale, and automatically turn off when you step off the scale, extremely convenient and practical. Hidden LED Display Show your the weight in red, easy to read no matter in day or night. High Intensity Tempered Glass Construction grade tempered glass, sturdy, bend resistant and shock resistant, bring you much comfort, safe and stable measuring experience. Specifications Brand SHINING Function BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Portable, Visceral Fat, Weight, Body Fat Rate, and more. Feature Anti-rollover, High-precision, Large LCD Screen Compatible with Android,IOS Material ABS & High Strength Anti-explosion Tempered Glass Display Red LED Words Screen Size 7.5 x 3.5cm Division Value 0.1kg Sensor High-sensitivity Weighing Sensor Weight Range 5-180kg Power Supply Rechargeable Battery Product Size 29 x 26.5 x 2cm Product Weight 1.5kg Package Contents1 x SHINING Smart BMI Body Weight Fat Scale 1 x User Manual
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