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h 265 8ch 16ch network hd video recorder nvr p2p onivf security dvr hdmi vga hdd 5 0mp 1080p 720p купить по лучшей цене

Features H.264 compression technology lets you save on storage space and minimize bandwidth requirements. Powerful functions: built-in DVR/HVR/AVR three in one. Support Analogue/Network HD/Analogue and Network HD video input. Motion detection and email alarm, PTZ control. Support local/network video preview, playback, storage and backup. Control remotely from your compatible mobile device for ease of use. VGA and HDMI outputs: supports display resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p. Support iPhone, Android and other smart phones directly browse, playback. Support super cloud service (P2P), one step to do remote control easily and conveniently without any complicated setting. Multi-language and multi-system support. High-performance digital video recorder that is suitable for retail, finance, education, corporate, and commercial security applications. Specifications Menu display 1/4/8/9 screen Video standard PAL(625 lines, 50fps); NTSC(525lines, 60fps) Monitor quality VGA: HD; HDMI: HD Encode capability local analog input: 8 x 720P; 8 x AHD-L; local analog + network digital input: 4 x 720P(analog) + 4 x 1080P(ip), 4 x AHD-L + 4 x 1080P; All network digital input: 16 x 1080P Motion detection each channel can set 192(16 x 12) detection area; can set multi-level of flexibility(for local analog channel only) Record mode manual>alarm>motion detection>timing Local playback 4ch playback synchronously Video search time, date, event, channel search Space occupation 960H: 10G/day/ch; 720p:20-30G/day/ch; 1080p: 30-40G/day/ch Video storage local HDD, network Back up mode network backup, USB portable HDD, USB imprint. Video input 8ch BNC Video output 1ch VGA, 1ch HDMI Audio input 4ch Audio output 1ch Network port RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port PTZ control 1 x RS485; support multi kinds of PTZ protocol USB port 2 x USB 2.0 HDD port 1 x SATA ports(biggest 3TB) Power supply 12V/3A Dimension 26L x 21W x 4.5H cm Weight 1230g Package included 1 x DVR, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Mouse
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