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This research was conducted from September 2007 to April 2008 on ecological aspects of the golden-rumped elephant-shrew (GRES) in selected forests along north coast of Kenya. Results show the GRES is only found within the protected Arabuko-Sokoke and Gede National Monument forests. An unrecorded species of elephant-shrew was discovered at Boni and Dodori Reserves and is undergoing tests to determine correct taxonomy. Density results indicate a 9% decrease in total GRES number while specific trends in ASF show population estimate of GRES at Cynometra forest have increased by 12% and declined at Brachystegia forest by 21% and by 50% in the mixed forest. Estimated GRES population at Gede was an estimated more than 20 individuals. An observation from the indigenous people showed lack of knowledge on endemic species within their area and this is one main factor why destruction of the forests was still a problem. Education emphasizing on importance of conservation of resources especially endemic species is therefore important targeting all age groups for conservation to be effective over many generations.

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