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genius g7 usb wired 112 key gaming keyboard 6d mouse combo купить по лучшей цене

Motospeed CK888 gaming keyboard and mouse gives you better gaming experience for both vision and physical. Perfect ergonomic design, you will not feel fatigue for long time keystrokes. Keyboard Features Full keyboard without conflict, fast response. Mechanical switch, great touch and operation feeling. Multimedia function key combination, fast and easy to click the keys. This gaming keyboard with LED lighting effects, it is easy for you to find the keys in the dark. Wired mechanical keyboard, plug and play. Simply keyboard to your PC via the USB port. Mouse Features Wired gaming mouse, Motospeed CK888 can be used for both desktop computer and laptop. 800-1000-1600-2400DPI DPI, you can adjust the sensitivity and resolution of the mouse according to your need. Wired gaming mouse, simply plug this mouse to your PC via the USB port. Specifications Brand Motospeed Model CK888 Type Keyboard and Mouse Features Gaming Material ABS Resolution 800DPI, 1000DPI, 1600DPI, 2400DPI Interface Wired Connection USB2.0 Keyboard Lifespan ( times) 50 million Response Speed 2ms Anti-ghosting Number N-key rollover Power Supply USB Port Mouse Macro Express Supported No Package Contents 1 x Mechanical Keyboard, 1 x Gaming Mouse
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