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This FJ-6/F6 Portable Wireless Barcode Scanner is an ingenious device with unique trigger design and excellent performance. It is produced under advanced techniques, with finest chipsets and fully conforms to ergonomics requirements. It is fast and accurate in all 1D codes reading and programmed to be better incomplete or fuzzy codes. It can be widely used in domains including commercial POS system, supermarkets, warehousing and manufacturing process management. FJ-6/F6 Portable Wireless Barcode Scanner With sensitive scanning head and strong scanning capability. With high scanning precision and long transmission distance. Easy to use and operate. Ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip. Large capacity battery ensures long run time. Specifications Name Wireless Barcode Scanner Model FJ-6/F6 Light Source 650nm laser Operating Channel 433MHz|SM Communication Distance 150m indoor; 300m outdoor Supported Symbology Code 39,full ASCII, code bar, industrial 2 of 5, interleave 2 of 5, matrix 2 of 5, code 93, code 128, code 32, standard code 93, EAN 128, MSI, EAN8&13,UPCA&E, Plessey, DataBar14, Telepe and all 1D barcodes Precision ≥4 mil (0.1mm) Depth of Scan Field 10-800mm Interface USB / RS 232 / PS2 Keyboard Operation Manual / Automatic Decode Speed 120 times/sec Light Intensity Daylight, 4000Lux Decode Error Rate Less than 1/8 million Print Contrast Signal ≥30° Scan Angel Yaw(Skew) 45°, Pitch 60° Safety Full shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, antiknock-design and EMI Shielding Voltage 5V Current Operation 68mA; Idle 48mA Scanner Material ABS, Rubber Operating Temperature -20℃~45℃ Storage Temperature -20℃~45℃ Package Weight 350 g Package Size 22 x 8 x 6 cm Package Contents 1 x FJ-6/F6 Portable Wireless Barcode Scanner 1 x Cable 1 x USB Receiver 1 x User Manual
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