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funduino kt0051 f2560 r3 ultrasonic sensor relay expansion board for arduino multicolored купить по лучшей цене

1 Operating voltage 3.3V / 5V optional. Arduino can only work at 5V 3.3V all often encounter level interface modulesIO port can not be connected directly. The need for level shiftingsuch as SD card Bluetooth module. Funduino can make it work at 3.3V via toggle switch this time the level is 3.3V IO port can work directly with the 3.3V level modules. 2 Stronger power. Arduino using FT232RL 3.3V output power maximum output current is less than 100mA require large currents encountered peripheral modules will supply shortage. Funduino use 1117-3.3 output 3.3V power supply the maximum current is 500mA. Arduino 5V power supply only 500mA while Funduino use an external power supply when the power supply can provide up to 5V 2A. 3 more obvious LED indication. When expansion board plugged it Arduino LED will be blocked you can not see PWR TX and RX indicators. Funduino moved the indicator board edge even with expansion board can also see the light. 4 is easier to press the reset button. Arduino reset button when the expansion board is inserted will be blocked and can not be reset on the motherboard. Funduino reset button to move the edge of the board can easily press . 5 Extended 5-pin lead. Arduino analog pins and three digital pins by common electronic building blocks / steering 3PIN interface leads. You can easily connect directly to many electronic building blocks sensor / control module and steering gear do not use the sensor expansion board. 6 wide input voltage. Arduino only supports 7-12V input but Funduino support 7-23V input.
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