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In The Lost Aborigine in His Own Country Home Vol. 1, I wrote about the Dayak-Bidayuh's political stories based on my observation from the printed media, discussion and independent news available in Malaysia. This new edition tells about minor change in the Dayak-Bidayuh's mentality towards Malaysian's political landscape. Malaysia is a democratic country but still hold-tight on racial politics where the citizens are divided into "bumiputera" or the natives and the "non-bumiputera" or the immigrants. Somehow, the Dayaks, who are the indigenous natives of Borneo are wedged by total confusion when their identity are recognized only as a subject to the Federal Constitution but less in their right as the natives of Malaysia together with Malayan and Sabah’s natives. This new edition tells about the Dayak-Bidayuh's view on current Malaysian political drama that kept the natives as the second class citizens for 50 years of partnership I Federation of Malaysia.

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