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This Memory Foam Mouse Pad Keyboard Wrist Rest Support fits most computers and notebooks. Suitable for office worker and game lovers. Keep your wrist safe from injury and carpal tunnel syndrome, relaxing and comfortable use, such as home and office. Release fatigue, avoid injuries. Mouse Pad Keyboard Wrist Rest Support Make no noise, bring you comfortable feeling and let you work more efficiently. Wrist Rest & Pain Relief Effectively release your shoulder and elbows stress due to same posture for long hours. Your hand will get the more relaxed, and prevent from hurt and potential hand or wrist disease. Ergonomic Design Brings your wrist a good support and avoids touching with the tough desk directly. Anti-skid Base Prevents the mouse or keyboard from sliding or unnecessary movement. High Quality Crafted with premium memory foam and breathable material, soft and comfortable to touch. Wide Application Perfectly suitable for most computers,notebooks and Laptops, avoid joint and wrist problems; ideal for people who use computers for a long time everyday. Specifications Material Silica Gel+ Lycra Cloth + Memory Foam Product Size Mouse Pad 26.5 x 24.5 x 1.5cm; Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad: 46 x 8.3 x 1.5cm Package Contents1 x Keyboard Pad 1 x Mouse Wrist Rest Pad
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