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The TRIOPO KJ-1s is equipped with the quick release rectangular plate. The plate has been profiled in a special way, therefore it cannot be mounted upside-down. Moreover, the plate features a protective blockade against accidental unfastening. What is more, the ball-head comes with a spirit level which helps to adjust the camera. Metal Material Made of magnesium aluminum alloy, very sturdy and durable, max. Load capacity is 6kg. CAM Process All components adopt precision CAM process, which makes the ball head very easy and smooth in operation. 2 Head Control Knob One knob for lock your camera and the other fine tune knob can adjust the degree of head's levels. 360 Degree Panorama Shooting Independent 360-degree pan control knob makes full or partial horizontal panoramic adjustments easy. Spirit Levels Precise measurement, play an important role in balancing your camera and locating view finding. W/ Universal quick release plate Easy to install and uninstall this plate. With safety locking device on the plate, can effectively avoid your camera falling off accidentally. 3/8" Female Screw Mount The bottom of the ball head is a 3/8" female screw mount so you can mount it to most tripods on the market with 3/8" screw mount. Applicable Camera Brand Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony, Universal Specifications Brand Name TRIOPO Model KJ-1S Material Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Ball-heads diameter 28 mm Height 95 mm Base Diameter 45 mm Maximum Load Capacity 6 kg Mounting Thread for a Camera 1/4" Mounting Thread for a Tripod 3/8" Product Weight 300g Package Weight 400g Package Size 15L x 15W x 15Hcm Package Content 1 x TRIOPO KJ-1S Tripod Ball Head, 1 x Quick Release Plate, 1 x Pouch

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