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This 38pcs Wood Burning Kit includes a pyrography pen, 13pcs wood carving tips, 5pcs wood embossing tips, 11pcs wood burning and soldering tips, 2pcs hot knife chuck with 2 blades, 2pcs stencils, a burning pen holder and a storage box. It is ideal for hot knife cutting, wood burning, image transferring, stencil cutting, soldering, paper crafting, hot stamping and fabric embossing. Whether you are a beginner or pro, you will love this kit! Features Interchangeable tips: This wood burning kit comes with 33pcs assorted tips tool so you have everything you need for burning, carving, drawing and lettering. Fast heating: Inner-heated ceramic technology makes the soldering iron heat up very quickly. Metal stand: It also comes with a metal stand to help you support the pen during the work. Multi-use: You can stencil, pattern transfer, emboss, brand and much more to your projects to create unique wedding décor, jewellery, place settings, home crafts etc.! Perfect for all users: Perfect for users of all skill levels, beginners and pros alike. Attention 1. Keep it away from children. Do NOT use it as a toy. 2. Work in a well ventilated space as there may be fumes during wood burning. 3. Use work gloves to change tips. 4. The metal tips will become crisp and easy to break in the high temperature. Please let it cool off before changing it. 5. Please let it rest for a while after continuous using for 30-45 minutes Specifications MaterialPen: Copper, plastic; Tips: Copper Power30W Working VoltageAC 220-240V Temp. Range0~350 Celsius (0~662 Fahrenheit) Package Contents1 x Wood Burning Tool Set
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