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Brand: ZKsoftware - Model: iClock360 - Color: Black - Quantity: 1 - Fingerprint capacity: 8000 templates - Transaction capacity: 100000 - Hardware platform: ZEM600 - Operation system: Linux - Communication: RS232/485 TCP/IP USB-client - Algorithm: Latest ZKSoftware high-speed twin-engine fingerprint recognition algorithm - Attendance rate: <=2 sec - False positive rate: <=0.0001% - False rejection rate: <=0.01% - Red/green LED indicator - Display: 3.5" LCD - Flash memory: 32MB (support USB 2.0 protocol) - Working temperature: 0'C~45'C - Working humidity: 20%~80% - Language: English - Size: 190 x 140 x 46 - Certification: CE - High speed twin-engine ZKFinger VX9.0/10.0 fingerprint identification algorithm is more reliable and accuracy greatly accelerating the recognition speed. - Built-in powerful Intel 32 bit embedded fingerprint recognition module (ZEM510) easy to be integrated in kinds of systems. - EDK which is based on mainboard is a multifunction universal embedded Linux development platform for Offline fingerprint products it can satisfy most market demands base on fingerprint embedded. - New fingerprint enhanced membrane improve recognition quality - Support RF cards input and output and can configure checking attendance method including ID card Mifare card etc. - With auto sleep function makes machine on by soft control and timing starting up. - Support finger 360 degrees recognition easy to use. - 24 hours long time running mainboard design. - With voltage monitor and programmable watchdog timer function - Packing list: - 1 x Time attendance machine - 1 x 2-Flat-Pin plug power adapter (100~240V / 140cm-cable) - 1 x CD - 1 x Ethernet cable (40cm)

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