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The Electric Bidet Sprayer provides you with convenience, comfort, and hygiene benefits that you can take anywhere. The travel bidet features 2 water pressure options and a 180-degree rotatable nozzle to help maintain personal hygiene. Portable and CompactThe water reservoir will hold the bidet when it's not in use for easy storage and transport. 60s Timing It will work for 60s each time and then stop working, smart and power saving. 180°Rotatable Nozzle Adjust the spray angle for appropriate hygienic water stream angle. 2 Speeds Levels High and Low speed levels of spray meet your different demands of cleaning. IPX6 Waterproof Effortlessly clean the bidet under running water or a water faucet, ideal for travel. Multi-Purpose BidetIdeal for overseas traveling and business trip, outdoor sports, baby care, nursing care, and so on. Specifications Material Silicone +ABS+PC Operating Current No more than 200mA Working Time Not less than 180 times under L mode, not less than 120 times under H mode Water Spray Speed About 110ml/min under L mode, 150ml/min under H mode Noise No more than 65dB Battery 2 x AAA Batteries (not included) Product Weight 215g Product Size (L x W x H) 47 x 47 x156 mm Package Contents 1 x Electric Toilet Bidet Sprayer

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