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DAL 700TVL FPV HD 1/4'' CMOS Camera Module Wide Angle Our manufacturer has made some improvements on this item,so the new version of this item provides higher image quality,but the function is the same as the old version. NOTE: Please make sure that the video system you select is the same as your country's,otherwise the image will become black and white. New Version: Description: Brand Name: DAL Item Pixel:700TVL Lens: 2.8mm/115degree wide angle Power supply: 8-13V(Recommended 12V) Type:NTSC or PAL(Optional) Size of The Board: 3x3x2.5cm Weight: About 40g Usage:Compatible with general 5.8G transmitter Feature: - With 1/4'' CMOS sensor - With signal cable for flight controller and telemetry connection - Mainboard with moistureproof paint can prevent the air moisture damage - Super lightweight,suitable for RC fixed-wing copter Recommended Transmitter And Receiver Sold In Our Store:(Not included) 5.8G transmitter and receiver module,please click here 5.8G transmitter and mushroom antenna,please click here Boscam 5.8G RC805 receiver and TS353 transmitter,please click here Package Included: 1x DAL 700TVL camera 1x Signal cable
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