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free shipping 16 lot dmx 18x10w rgbw led par can light for stage decoration купить по лучшей цене

Features: Long service life. High power super bright LED light. No dizzy, no uncomfortable glare, no zebra strips. Great for making light sources for video camera, fish tank, decoration light. Features: Type: COB LED Lighting angle: 180 degrees Light color: Warm White / White Color temperature: 3000-3500K / 6000-6500K Power LED Qty Current Luminous flux Diameter Voltage: 6W 76led 520mA 760 LM 170*15MM DC 12V Package Include: 1 X 1pcs LED Bulbs What is COB? COB (Chips on Board) is a new technology of LED packaging of LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one light module. When it lights up, it looks like a lighting panel. How COB LED light source works? In COB lighting, single LED chips are placed directly on a circuit board (or substrate) which has thermal properties to disperse heat. Heat dissipation is a very important aspect of LED lighting since it can have a major impact on the life expectancy of the luminary. Therefore, COB lighting can have a higher LED chip density and achieve higher light level while maintaining or improving life expectancy. Advantage of COB: COB lights are a more efficient form of LED lighting for general or automotive lighting applications because: - Light has a more uniform appearance - Better life expectancy - Achieve higher light level over a large area - COB is more stable and reliable than standard LED package
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