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free shipping 16 lot dmx 18x10w rgbw led par can light for stage decoration купить по лучшей цене

Naze32 CC3D SP Racing F3 LED Strip Alarm LED WS2812B RGB For RC Drone Can set the color and fucntion of LED Strip with cleanflight configurator GUI: Description: Working Voltage: 5V Suitable for the flight controller that support cleanflight, such as NazeNaze32, CC3D, skyline32 and SP Racing F3 etc. Can control max 32 LEDs with one pins Each LED can display different colors at same time, mutual independence. Functions: Indicate the pitch/roll positon of transmitter Indicate the nose and direction Indicate the flight mode and status Low voltage alarm, failure safety alarm Alarm: Arm-lock enable: Green LED light/off flash, when calibrate the flight controller or in large inclination Low Battery: Red LED flah, when the voltage is lower then the setting Failsafe: Blue and Yellow LEDs flash, when the sign between receiver and remote control transmitter is disconnected. Connecting: CC3D: RCO5, Data in Naze32: RC5, Data in Suggest: You can order 4 sets LED for your drone. Install them on the bottom of arms. Use 2 LEDs in same color on nose of drone for indication, 2 sets LEDs on tail for alarm. When it is fail, it can notice the player in time. Package Included: 1 x Shrinkable Tube 1 x Strip Light 3 x 20cm Silicon Cable

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