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"Three Sides Live" was filmed in November 1981 on the "Abacab" tour in North America and was originally released on VHS to coincide with the live album of the same name. Originally filmed in 16mm, the footage has now been fully restored for this reissue as a standalone DVD for the first time. The show focuses on tracks from the "Duke" and "Abacab" albums and the tracks are intercut with behind the scenes footage and interviews with the band members. As ever with Genesis, the show is visually stunning and it captures the band in their transition from their progressive days in the seventies through to the hugely successful pop/rock act they became from the mid-eighties onwards. Genesis have always been superb live performers and "Three Sides Live" is a great addition to any fans collection.Tracklisting: 01. Behind The Lines 02. Duchess 03. Misunderstanding04. Dodo / Lurker 05. Abacab 06. No Reply At All07. Who Dunnit? 08. In The Cage (Medley): The Cinema Show / Slippermen 09. Afterglow 10. Me & Sarah Jane 11. Man On The Corner 12. Turn It On Again
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