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Filmed At Olympia In London On 26 November 2010, This Was The First Time That Primal Scream Had Performed Their Seminal Album 'Screamadelica' Live In Its Entirety. With The Accompaniment Of A Gospel Choir And A Brass Section And With Films By Artist Jim Lambie The Band Brought This Brilliant Album To Life From The Ecstatic Opening Of 'Movin On Up', Through The Soul Ballads 'Damaged' And 'Shine Like Stars' And On To The Triumphant Finale Of 'Higher Than The Sun', 'Loaded' And 'Come Together'. Also Included As A Bonus Is The 40 Minute Rock And Roll Set Which The Band Performed In The Earlier Part Of The Evening Including 'Country Girl', 'Rocks', 'Jailbird', Swastika Eyes' And More. This Comprehensive Blu-Ray Release Also Includes The Complete 'Screamadelica' Classic Albums Programme On The Making Of The Album, Including Nearly 30 Minutes Of Additional Footage Not Included In The Broadcast Version And The CD Of The Entire 'Screamadelica' Album Performed Live At Olympia. Track List: 01. Movin' On Up02. Slip Inside This House03. Don't Fight It, Feel It04. Damaged05. I'm Coming Down06. Shine Like Stars'07. Inner Flight08. Higher Than The Sun09. Loaded10. Come TogetherRock And Roll Set: 11. Accelerator 12. Country Girl 13. Jailbird14. Burning Wheel 15. Suicide Bomb 16. Shoot Speed / Kill Light 17. Swastika Eyes 18. Rocks
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