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Providing a comprehensive overview of the modelling, analysis and simulation of mobile radio channels, this book gives a detailed understanding of fundamental issues and examines state-of-the-art techniques in mobile radio channel modelling. It analyses several mobile fading channels, including terrestrial and satellite flat-fading channels, various types of wideband channels and advanced MIMO channels, providing a fundamental understanding of the issues currently being investigated in the field. Important classes of narrowband, wideband, and space-time wireless channels are explored in detail with descriptions of efficient simulation methods for mobile radio channels being central. Strong emphasis is placed on the detailed origin of the presented channel models and a high degree of mathematical unity is conveyed. Using the described channel models, the reader can evaluate the performance of wireless communication systems under propagation conditions which are typical for multipath channels in various environments. Introduces the fundamentals of stochastic and deterministic channel models Explores the modelling and simulation of both wideband and narrowband mobile radio channels as well as several classes of MIMO channels Describes general concepts including geometrical, reference and simulation models Discusses several methods for the modelling of given Doppler, delay, and angular profiles Elaborates on methods for the design, analysis, and realisation of efficient channel simulators Examines techniques for the development of fast channel simulators Provides links for downloading MATLAB®, programs enabling the simulation and analysis of the mobile fading channels models presented, on the companion website (www.wiley.com/go/paetzold)
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