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MOLLE Tactical Military Army Vest Combat Heavy Duty Waistcoat For Outdoor Hunting Specification: Material: Nylon Weight: 1.25kg Size: 20" Tall x 16" Width(At widest point) Color: Khaki, ACU Camo, AT Camo, FG Camo, CP Camo, Woodland Camo, Black, Green Features: Quick release buckle for wearing. Utility pouches for hoding items. Made by high density nylon material. Velcro patch can be attached on the vest. Can be built in armor on the front and back. Very well constructed of tough PVC for maximum durability, light weight, heavy duty. Fully adjustable in size with velcro attachment on two sides and shoulder of the vest body. Perfect for paintball, cs, hunting and other outdoor activities. Note: Please allow there is aberration of the pictures. Package Includes: 1 x Tactical Vest
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