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Features: Prevent gum disease, gingivitis, bleeding gums and bad breath. Flush your teeth after meals and before sleeping and it is easy to keep good health for oral cavity No electricity needed, noiseless 5 pcs Spray nozzle device in different color to prevent any mix using Hygienic and eye-appealing Clean your teeth, message your gum, prevent decayed teeth Easy to install Always ready to use A perfect gift for your family Package Included: 1 x ABS Faucet Diverter (45x40x45mm / white) 1 x Medical Grade PVC hose (6x6x1000mm / white) 1 x Handle (15x15x90mm / white) 5 x Nozzles (15x15x75mm / red, yellow, blue, Green, Purple) 1 x 1 Set of L frame (165x60x28mm / white) 1 x Plastic Faucet connector (23x23x12mm / sliver) 1 x Plastic Hexwrench (52x32x10mm / white) 1 x Double-sided stickers
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