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feie hearing aid s 10b affordable cheap mini aparelho auditivo digital for mild to moderate hearing loss free shipping купить по лучшей цене

This Bluetooth headphones adopts bone conduction technology, will not cause inflammation or hearing loss, can help the people with hearing loss and deaf rehear the sound and have therapeutic effect. With lightweight and ergonomic design, perfectly suitable for sports. Say goodbye to sore ears and enjoy the bug-free listening experience with this bone conduction headset. Bone Conduction Technology allows you to listen music, make calls without tuning out the world around you. Bluetooth 4.1 Ensure quick and table connection with most Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphone, tablet etc. Separate Wiring Diagram Separate design of the Bluetooth headphone can help you control the music and calls conveniently. You can adjust the volume and receive or reject calls at any time. Reflective Design It will remind the driver of vehicle behind you, to protect your safety, is your best choice for night running. Stereo Music and HD Call Built-in 2 set of audio parameters which are separately suitable for playing music and calls, can provide your stereo music and make sound soft and clear while calling. Lightweight Design Weighs only 35g, will not add too much burden to your head while exercising; and with ergonomic design, no need to worry about waggling or falling off. Sweat Resistant Keep your headphones protected from sweat and wicked weather. Specifications Headset Type Bluetooth bone conduction Bluetooth Version BT4.1 Transmission Distance More than 10 meters Frequency Response Range 20Hz ~ 20KHz Play Time Standby more than one week, continuous playback is greater than 6 hours Charging Time 2 hours (preferably over 3 hours) Storage Temperature -30℃ to 80℃ Operating Temperature -20℃ to 70℃ Product Size Bare metal 35 ~ 40g Package Contents 1 x Bluetooth Headset, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual

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