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Excerpt from In the Toils: A Melodrama in Five ActsNed Benington, age, about 30. Act I. - Rather loud brown check suit, somewhat worse for wear; brown derby hat; russet shoes. Has a dissipated look, and seems reckless as to consequences. Brown wig and mustache. Act II. - Same costume, but has lost his reckless look. Act III. - Well and quietly dressed. Black cutaway coat and striped trousers; black derby hat. Act IV. - Dark sack suit and derby hat. Act V. - Same as in Act IV.Gideon Grind, age, about 55. Act I. - Cutaway coat and mixed trousers, both slightly shiny. Smooth shaven, gray wig. Same in Act II. Act III. - Same, with overcoat and derby hat, both a bit seedy. Act IV. - Same, without overcoat.Jack Oakleigh, age, 40. Act I. Loud clothes, fairly good in quality; sack coat and silk hat. Smooth face. Same, with soft hat, in Act II. Act III. - Dark suit, derby hat, and overcoat. Act IV. - Same, without overcoat. Act V. - Same.Bud Brady, age, 20. Act I. - Double-breasted black or blue coat and vest; light checked trousers; tan shoes; pearl slouch hat, and red necktie. Act II. - Same. Act IV. - Same, change to black soft hat, and dark necktie. Act V. - Same as Act IV, except change to loud blue and white dotted necktie and striped trousers.Robert Severen, age, 50. Act III. - Elegant black cutaway coat, with dark trousers, and patent leather shoes; dark spring overcoat, and silk hat on hat tree in office. Act IV. - Same. Act. V. - Same, change to frock coat.About the Publishe...
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