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fandyfire c8 1 mode 700 lumen white led flashlight w strap 1x17670 1x18650 2x16340 купить по лучшей цене

Get outdoors and play that's what my mom always said to me whenever the weather was great. There are so many interesting things to do; you can go exploring camping hiking or any other fun thing you enjoy in nature. This is a great tool for outdoors and indoors day time its casing is strong enough to club out that fish you just caught and night time is great for those trips to the outhouse. But that's not all every home should have one available for emergency situations like not paying your power bill on time. Whatever your need this flashlight is strong enough to get you through whatever scenario you are in. Just put in the battery and turn it on it’s that easy! Brand: FandyFire Model: P7-D Color: Black Emitter Brand/Type: SSC Emitter BIN: P7-D Color BIN: White Total Emitters: 1 Battery Configurations: 1x18650 / 1x17670 rechargeable battery (not included) Voltage Input: 3.6~4.2V Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie Switch Location: Tail-cap Modes: 1 Mode Memory: - Mode Arrangement: - Circuitry: Digitally Regulated 2200mA Current Output Brightness: 700 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated) Runtime: 100 minutes (manufacturer rated) Lens: Coated Glass Lens Reflector: Aluminum Textured/OP Carrying Strap: Strap Included
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