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This book is a product of a study on the role of Error Analysis in Kiswahili learning. The author discusses how language is acquired or learnt and examines the strategies that are employed by teachers to facilitate Second Language Learning. She explains the nature and development of Kiswahili as a functional pragmatic tool and its social function. She focuses on the difficulties that are encountered by learners of Kiswahili, and offers a number of solutions to these problems by discussing treatment of errors. She posits that proper treatment of errors can enable students learn a second language with ease. The study suggests strategies used to correct the errors and underscores the need for the teacher to consider the learners’ needs and their individual differences. Bernadette concludes that Error analysis is a vital component of Second Language learning/teaching and that Error treatment is equally an important strategy that teachers can employ to facilitate the learners’ ability to cope with difficulties arising from their L1 or other languages already learnt. This book is recommended for Kiswahili teachers, researchers in the field of error analysis and second language teachers.

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