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PTE General is a comprehensive and coherent assessment programme that covers all the Common European Framework (CEF) levels. It gives test takers the opportunity to identify their strengths, and track improvement and success over time. PTE General is used by test takers who are looking for an English test that allows them to build a portfolio of their language ability for travel, further education or to improve their employment prospects. Pearson Longman PTE General Skills Boosters - written by the developers of the test. Available for Levels 2 to 5 of PTE General, the Skills Boosters are a series of practice tests with guidance which offer complete preparation for PTE General. Students can: Understand the features and format of the test. Learn how to respond to each item type. Practice answering authentic questions prepared by the test developers. Practice items for each of the language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Focus on the language related to the themes of the test with vocabulary and grammar practice sections. Study new words and phrases for each unit with the Glossary. Improve test-taking strategies with test tips, the writing guide and model answers for each exam task type. This Teacher's Book contains the complete practice tests which appear in the Students' Book, with model answers provided. For additional resources and information about PTE General, visit www.pearsonpte.com/PTEGeneral For general test practice, go to: www.iTests.com
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