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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the chaos in your life? Ever felt like running away because it was all too much? Wanted to hide in the closet for a moment's peace and quiet? If so, you’ll want to wrap yourself up in the comfort of a book from someone who gets it. Heather chronicles real-life humiliation, embarrasses herself frequently, and shares the joys and heart-aches of helping her ADHD son find his place in the world while ensuring his brother doesn't get lost in his shadow. A successful day sometimes is simply managing to complete yoga class without passing gas.Throughout the book, author Heather LeRoss gets pretty real and raw about life as a mom to two boys. The difficulties of raising a child with ADHD and not completely forgetting about her other child while she tends to her child with more needs are just a part of this look into what it's like to face the challenges of motherhood, aging and going through the changes of midlife, and caring for a parent who is also aging and ill. Heather is funny and delightful, she holds back nothing, some of her stories are straight up shocking, but through it all is the warmth of a mother who only wants to see the best for her child and is pained by watching him struggle. Just Tell Me I’m Pretty delivers real-life stories of a woman who embodies the modern day struggle to be perfect, told with humor, honesty, and unabashed candor. She will make you laugh, cry, want to high-five another mom friend who gets it, and som...
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