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Everything you need to know to look after kids with food allergy Managing food allergy is vital for the safety of kids in your care. The best defence against a serious allergic reaction is knowledge, and this book provides you with everything you need to know, from prevention and diagnosis through to caring for kids at home, school or away on holidays. Look after your child in your home and on the go – organise your home and make travel plans that cater for your child's needs Provide a safe environment at school or the childcare centre – set up your school or centre to manage allergies with confidence Prepare your child to take responsibility for a food allergy – ensure your child knows about problem foods Know when allergic reactions are serious – be prepared to treat and manage anaphylaxis Get to grips with the difference between types of food allergy – identify immediate and delayed food allergies Understand why allergy rates are on the rise – access the latest research on what causes allergies, and how to avoid them Prepare for allergy testing – learn how your child is tested and how you can get involved Look into future treatments – get a grasp on new allergy treatments and possible cures Open the book and find: Clear instructions for using EpiPens and Anapens Simple explanations about different types of food allergy Information about how to recognise and treat allergic reactions Sample emergency action plans The latest research on finding a cure for food allergy Key lessons to teach children with food allergy Suggestions for food replacements Websites to access further support Learn to: Keep the home, classroom and childcare centre safe Show others how to care for kids with food allergy Educate kids about helping their friends and themselves
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