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Description: Brand: ROCK Color: White, Pink Material: Copper+ABS+PMMA Remote control distance: 5-10M This product is a multi-function remote control for electrical appliances as long as this product is inserted into the mobile phone audio, and then through the software driver, can match electrical to use. This product can match for most of the electrical appliances brand on the market, can have TV, air conditioning, remote control electric type set-top box, DVD, electric fans, projector, SLR cameras and other infrared remote control of electrical appliances. Features: 1. This item full compatible with IOS system. 2. Small volume, easy to insert phone audio port. 3. The structure adopts the dustproof screw plug design. 4. Environmental protection, durable, do not need external battery ontology, only need to connect to the mobile phone's headphone jack. Package included: 1 Dust-proof Plug How to download APP? IOS System: https://itun.es/i6SK5vL Android System: http://www.tiqiaa.com/en/product.php Notice :Support the most of IOS / Android phone but not support Xiaomi, Redmi series and some smartphones.
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