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Acclaim for Denis Brian's Einstein: A Life «The best account.... Superb insight.» –The Times (London) «Denis Brian's convincing picture…only makes our wonder grow at Einstein's sublime achievements.» –The Washington Post «Does much to reveal the man behind the image.... Brian's intimate work proves that in literature, as in science, taking a careful look can be a rewarding endeavor.» –Detroit Free Press «A fascinating, vastly enjoyable, deeply researched and fair account of Einstein the man.» –Physics World «Exhaustively researched, almost obsessively detailed, written with unobtrusive informality, the book is exemplary as a record of Einstein's personal and professional life.» –The Spectator (u.k.) «An utterly fascinating life of a great scientist, full of new insights and very readable.» –Ashley Montagu «A fascinating read with more interesting material about Einstein as a human being than I have ever seen before.... Once I started it, I couldn't put it down.» –Robert Jastrow, astrophysicist and bestselling author
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