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Specification: Material: 600D Military nylon MainC ompartment(approx): 51 x 34 x 15cm(H x L x W) Front Pocket(approx): 15 x 34 x 9cm(H x L x W) Side Pocket(approx): 20 x13 x 6cm(H x L x W) Description: Come with a hand carry strap and adjustable shoulder strap. Wide & thick waist belt, comfortable for heavy carry. With adjustable chest belt . The Backpack is constructed with waterproof 600D Nylon material. Molle design, molle belt on the fornt and two sides. Come with a zipper outside pocket and a big mesh compartment in it. With 3 detachable molle pouches attached on front and two sides. Large cargo with a big compartment in it. With a bite valve hole at the top of the pack, and hided by a velcro cover. Package Includes: 1 x Backpack
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