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KINDLE BESTSELLERDecember 2012          FINALLY - a book that explains, vindicates, and celebrates Michael Jackson!                 " If you want an eye-opening portrayal of the real Michael Jackson -                 delivered in a rare blend of disclosure, respect, insight, and passion -                                                             this is it! "                                     -- Thomas A. Mesereau [MJ's defense attorney]MORE THAN a Michael Jackson Biography   --                                                                           AN EMOTIONAL JOURNEY...Today, in spite of volumes of printed material and a world of cyberspace about Michael Jackson, there is little published information about the real, flesh-and-blood man from first-hand witnesses. Until now.Revealed in this biography are Michael's last four mysterious years: where he and his children went, what he did, and how he spent his time.An in-depth portrayal of Michael Jackson -- the global "King of Pop" -- Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy discloses new information and unique insights into this "king of a man." This book explains his torturous life with an emphasis on his triumphs over his adversities and challenges.More controversial in life and in death than anyone else, Michael Jackson's goodness has been mostly ignored. This volume needs to be affixed to the legacy of his genius and greatness."Bizarre circumstances demand bizarre behavior." Dr. Moriarty leads her reader through the maze of stunningly bizarre circumstances in which Michael lived and struggled, through private joys and suffering as a real person ... at the absolute pinnacle of human existence.                                                                                                                                                    .......................................What you will discover & learn ... in 19 chapters ..."The Back Door"Protecting Mr. JacksonMichael Jackson the Man"Daddy" Michael Jackson & His FamilyMichael Jackson's TSUNAMI: The TrialThe Back Story: SurprisesThe Morass of Michael Jackson's FinancesFlypaper: Sticky Lawsuits & SuchNothing But the FactsHealer & HumanitarianArtist & Entertainer"Bizarre Behavior"The Paragon of ParadoxMichael Jackson & His FansThe Unwanted ChapterThe Legacy of Michael JacksonRuminationsThe Author"A cataclysmic event that changed my life!" The shocking death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009 catapulted Dr. Karen Moriarty into an unanticipated personal journey:2 years of full-time researchMonths of pro bono work as ghostwriter for his Las Vegas bodyguards Writing as a volunteer for a secret MJ advocacy groupInterviewing people who knew and loved MJ Visiting Neverland, MJ's other homes, and Forest Lawn Cemetery every yearDr. Moriarty worked as a licensed psychologist and therapist for many years. She earned her doctorate from Northern Illinois University. Her first book, Baby Richard: A Four-Year-Old Comes Home, was published in 2003.Click on the book's cover picture above to read a sample chapter.

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