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dongxin mercedes benz sl65 speed remote control steering wheel 1 18 car drift charge black купить по лучшей цене

Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204(2011-2013)(C180K C200 C260 C300) 7" high resolution digital TFT lcd monitor pixels 800*3(rgb)*480 The built-in CANBUS function support the original steering wheel control keep the original car amplifier and style interface compatible with the original vehicle perfectly Use wince operating system menu icon can drag and change at main menu Ideal phone book function bluetooth version 2.0 Display size:16:9 TFT high definition lcd Built-in functions: dvd dvd-r dvd-rw mpeg4mp3vcdcd cd-rcd-rw fmam4x45w amplifier Front usb ipodsdaux port Radio receiving: high sensitive FM/AM tuner 30stations(AM 12/FM 18) restorable Car backing display: it is connected to the rearview camera Shock proof memory: 5 seconds esp electronic aegis Video output/input : two video outputtwo video input (one video input for rear view system) 4-ch rca output Working temperature:-10~50Power supply:dc-10-14.6v Rds functionTouchscreen panelIpod can charge up when it playing ipod or iphone Supports a variety of menu language but produced only a selected DVD language please purchase confirmation before the need to sort of language Dual zone function navigation and hear music at the same time Optional add Android navigation+WIFI the price of 65 dollars Android+3G Navigation module +WIFI+4G Genuine Navigation Total:USD120.00 (Option) Combined with the original car perfectly: 1.No need to cut your original power cable Simple installation 2.Keep your steering wheel control works as original 3.Keep original Style Upgrade Perfectly 4.Guidance with the GPS navigation you can go anywhere
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