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Excerpt from S. 219 Regulatory Transition Act of 1995: Hearing Before the Committee on Governmental Affairs United States Senate One Hundred Fourth Congress First Session on S. 219The Committee met, pursuant to notice, at 10:04 a.m., in room SD-342, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Hon. William V. Roth, Jr., Chairman of the Committee, presiding.Present: Senators Roth, Glenn, Levin, and Lieberman.Opening Statement Of Chairman Roth Chairman Roth.The Committee will please be in order.Today, at the request of the minority, we are holding a hearing on S. 219, the Regulatory Transition Act of 1995. Senator Nickles, the prime sponsor of S. 219, has modified the bill to address some of the concerns raised about it and the House counterpart, H.R. 450. Major modifications include limiting the scope of the legislation to significant rules, as defined in the Presidents Executive Order 12866, as well as increasing the Presidents authority to make exceptions to the moratorium and providing some limitation on judicial review.I want to express my appreciation to the witnesses for making themselves available today, and I would ask that each witness limit his or her oral testimony to 7 minutes. The written statement of each witness will be included in the record, and the warning light will go on when one minute remains.Senator Glenn?Opening Statement Of Senator Glenn Senator Glenn.Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.As you have indicated, we did request this hearing. We were going to markup witho...

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