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The prime concern of the book is to analyze problems on sheet metal forming process. The emphasis of book is how defects involved in the manufacturing of products. The book is intended to address convinced problems associated with sheet metal bending process. In the book the FEM prediction of spring back of edge bending process is done. The analysis is done both numerically and analytically/manually. Numerical Analysis is done using ANSYS and LS-DYNA. The influence of sheet metal thickness, sheet metal type, friction, tool radius and tool shape on spring back for Aluminium, copper, mild steel and High strength steels, sheet metal have been considered for investigations. The book shows actions taken in to considerations so as to produce bent sheet metal parts within acceptable and optimum quality and Ultimately Utilizing and compensation of tool is considered for optimizing of bending process. The book reflects the current manufacturing process and should be mainly useful for engineer’s, Manufacturers, and material suppliers, researchers and educational references.
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