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The Principal applications of solar air dryer or heater are, for drying agriculture and industrial products and for space heating. Drying is simply the process of moisture removal from a product. Solar heated air could be used more effectively for drying of the various products under controlled conditions. In industry solar drying system is rarely used. In this book solar air dryer, in which regenerative desiccant material is used, to extract heat from product during off sun shine hours. For additional benefits dryer is made up of forced convection type. This type of active solar air dryer is tested using simple non selective type absorber plate of three geometries and with regenerative desiccant bed. Present book helps to decide geometrical constraint for absorber plates, rate of percentage moisture removal with absorber sheets and with regenerative desiccant material (during off sunshine hours) at fix flow rate. Also the purpose of this book is to study the possibility of using CaCl2 based solid desiccant for core drying during off sunshine hours using desiccant integrated solar dryer. It is especially useful to the Professionals, Researchers, Consultants and manufacturers work

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