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This 120 minute documentary style presentation features Jon Lord in his most personal and revealing interview since the early days of Deep Purple.Filmed and produced in Australia in early 2003, whilst Jon was on his first solo tour since leaving Deep Purple, this presentation details the reasons behind Jon's departure from the band, current work and his future plans. In addition, a 30 minute documentary from 2011 provides an up to date view of Jon Lord's musical achievements throughout his extensive career. The DVD highlights Jon's multifaceted approach to music with numerous personal interviews, live performances with Deep Purple, blues band The Hoochie Coochie Men. The Queensland Orchestra and Australian band George under the guidance of conductor Paul Mann. It features archival vision of Deep Purple's famous Concerto porformance with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969, as well as many recent live appearances including an in concert performance in Cologne with ABBA's Frida from 2004. There is also an indepth radio interview on ABC Radio Australia, and up close and personal behind the scenes footage with Jon Lord, Paul Mann and Deep Purple. A treat for lovers of all styles of music.
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