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dc 12v 40v 10a pwm motor speed control switch governor green black купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model 008 0030 Quantity 1 Color Green + black Material Glass fiber Specification DC: 15~160V input; AC: 12~110V input; Max. power supply: AC 110V Features Can support AC and DC input; Non-existent power supply polarity problems; Ultra-high voltage scope; Large radiator with mounting holes; Ultra-high-power control up to 10A current; Besides the board inside can produce a PWM speed control it also supports an external PWM signal input speed control which required: level 3.5-12V VPP the frequency: 1K-10KHZ in particular suitable for MCH3 spindle speed control; Supports a wide range of motors; Can control most DC motors in the market as long as the DC resistance of the motor is greater than 2 Ohms; Note: this device can not control speed for those DC resistance is lower than 2ohms; Transfer rate: 97%; Limit power won't beyond 2W at DC 160V 2A; Equipped with a fuse protection better performance; With power indicator convenient to use Application Driven from 5V to 110V DC motor DC motor speed control such as equipment of DC pumps fans engraving machinespindle speed of the DC motor for precise control. English Manual/Spec Yes Packing List 1 x Speed controler 1 x Potentiometer (50cm cable)
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