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Managing Enterprise Projects Using Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Second Edition, is an unprecedented learning guide and reference for project managers who use the Microsoft EPM platform. This edition covers Project Server and related SharePoint changes through the July 14, 2008 Infrastructure Update. Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office Project 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 was not yet available at the time of this writing. Our goal for this book is to provide a combination of training and reference manual; a vital learning tool to help you build on your knowledge of the stand-alone tool by mastering the Microsoft enterprise project management environment. Follow our best practices to success and heed our warnings to avoid the pitfalls. We take a systematic approach to the topical ordering in this book, beginning with a Project Server 2007 overview in Modules 01 and 02. Module 03 teaches you how to use two new features in Project Server 2007: Proposals and Activity Plans. In Modules 04-07, you learn to use Project Professional 2007 to define, plan, baseline, and publish an enterprise project. Modules 08-10 take you through the project updating process from team member progress reporting in Project Web Access and in Outlook, through your acceptance of the updates into the enterprise project plan. Module 11 wraps up with analyzing project variance. In Modules 12-15, you learn how to set up personal options, how to use the features in the Project Workspace, and how to create Status Reports. Modules 16-18 cover viewing enterprise project information and teach you how to use Data Analysis. Throughout each module, you get a generous amount of Notes, Warnings, and Best Practices. Notes call your attention to important additional information about a subject. Warnings help you avoid the most common problems experienced by others and Best Practices provide tips for using the tool based on our field experience. With this book, we believe that you can become more effective at using Microsoft Enterprise Project Management tools. If you have questions about the book or are interested in our professional services, please contact us at our office. If you have questions about Microsoft Project or Project Server, contact us through the Microsoft public news groups.
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