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Christmas is coming!! This artificial instant snow adopts resin material to ensure your health. It will build a cozy and romantic Christmas atmosphere. High-quality Material Adopt resin material, non-toxic and harmless. Special Snow Powder No melting for a long time, high water absorption and abundant snowfall. A Good Choice You can create the Christmas scene with this decorative fake snow to enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas. NotePut 2 bags of material into the can, when water was added, the ratio of artificial snow and water is 1:25, using warm water better. Specifications Name Artificial Instant Snow Can Pattern Cartoon Type Christmas decoration supplies Material Resin Product Weight 60g Product Size 6.5 x 9 cm Package Size 7L x 7W x 10H cm Package Contents 1 x Artificial Instant Snow Can (Two Bags of Material inside the Can)

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