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The camping lamp featuring with water bottle design, telescopic, solar powered, made of food grade silicone, can be used as water bottle, power bank, compass and etc. It is a good helper for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Features Built-in solar panel, can be charged directly from the sun as well as via the micro USB port. Comes with USB converter cable, can charge for your phone. With three lighting modes, low-brightness, high-brightness and SOS flashing, it can be used in different environment to achieve the brightness you need. With detachable handle, it can hang in your hands, tent, cars, tree and etc. The handle adopts 7-core parachute cord, its length is up to 2.1m after disassembly, max. load is 150kg. Made of food grade silicone, can be used as a water bottle. Lightweight and telescopic, save space and easy to carry. Can be used as compass and lighter. IPX6 waterproof. Specifications Brand Sorbo Material Food grade silicone Input Voltage 5V±0.2V Charging Interface Micro USB Max Charging Current ≤1A Color Temperature 6000+K Power 0.5W Lumen 55+lm Built-in Battery 1000mAh Li-po battery Charging Time 18-25h(solar power); 2~2.5h(micro USB) Product Weight 68g Product Size 75.5 x 30mm Package Contents 1 x Camping Lamp
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