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Different landscapes types, grazing pressure and vegetation covers in Nara rangeland were assessed. In this study I integrated herder’s ecological knowledge into ecological methods to investigate how herders conducted landscapes classification, assessed the range and vegetation trends at landscape level. Key informant interviews were carried out to ascertain the level of understanding landscape classification and historical changes in vegetation. Herders’ descriptions were used to analyse perception of changes in vegetation and range condition. Herders identified three different landscapes into Niesokema, Mari and Seguendi found across a rangeland of 36 km2. They used physical and vegetation characteristics to indicate the different type of landscapes. We (the joint team of herders and technicians) used the herder-classified landscapes as a basis for assessing range condition and vegetation trends. The range condition was variable from landscape to another. Among the three landscapes, Seguendi was considered as good, while the condition in Mari was fair and Niesokema poor. Vegetation trends were categorised as increasers, decreasers and stable.

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