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Video Equipped with a 11x11 RBG LED’s provide tens of thousands of colours, so are able to create pixel art and animation to share with your friends. The 121 high-grade LEDs with a 3w output can be used as the perfect night light with adjustable brightness. The Divoom box radio function supports FM radio, which can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, the divoom can also be set to be used as an alarm clock. Bluetooth SpeakerAdopting professional DSP tuning technology, enhanced 3D algorithms, 5W high power output, let you enjoy melodious music with shining lights. Pixel Art Creation Equipped with 11x11 RGB LEDs, which can provide tens of thousands of colors, so you can create awesome pixel art and animation and share your works with your friends. Night Light121 high-grade LEDs with 3W output, the Timebox can be used as a night light and you can adjust the brightness according to your needs. FM Function The Timebox supports FM Radio function, and the function can be controlled by App; what's more, it also can be set as alarm clock. Hands-free Talk Build-in microphone, gets your hands free for convenient talk. Voice Record Voice record function also supported, it allows you leave 60s' message to your loved ones, very sweet. Help You Sleep Well Build-in 22 songs combined with the specialized LED light spectrum, which is dedicated to helping you sleep well. Alarm Mode Wake you up with your selected rinstones and light, and there are 12 scenarios you to choose; meanwhile you can use the last song you listened or FM as the ringtone. Creative Games Built-in 4 small games in the App, just have fun in the leisure time and you can also interact with your friends. Thermometer Built-in temperature sensor, it can measure the surrounding temperature. Easy to OperateThere are several function keys on the Timebox, very easy to control it. And it also supports App control. Warm Tips: You can search “Timebox” in Apple Store or Android Store, or just scan the QR code to download. Specifications Brand Divoom Model Timebox Trumpet Size3-inch full range Output Power5W SNR ≥75dB Playback Time 6 hours Battery Capacity 2000mAh Charging Time 3-4 hours Bluetooth Version V4.0 smart Product Weight409g Product Size11.4 x 5.5 x 11.5 cm Product Contents1 x Speaker
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